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Fighting the way by 6 divisions in Guild Wars 2


The gamer can show his skill to everyone. There is to be the concept of winning. The gamer needs to form a team and battle at the pinnacle of ladder in the challenger league of Guild. It is to secure the trophies for the guild and gain even more prizes along the way. Besides, there are gold and items, the gamers are to gain the titles, achievements and rank badge next to the name of gamer to shop the accomplishments of gamer in the season for all to visualize. The gamers can go for purchasing guild wars 2 gold from the professional online gaming house, buyingwowgoldsafe in the most affordable cost to start arranging the best available equipment and items to equip the character fast. It helps the gamer level up the character in the faster succession.

Guild Wars 2

The gamer can battle for glory and gain the prestige in the fourth player versus player league season while commencing on the 09thof August. The gamer requires fighting through six divisions between Amber and Legendary. Now, the gamer does have new options to place the report of game-disrupted manner. Moreover, the gamer can play in the preferred map while standing in the line for matches of PvP. The gamers can go for guild wars 2 gold from buyingwowgoldsafe to start procuring the weapons and necessary items to equip the character in the shortest possible time.

Summarizing Saga of Out of the Shadows 

Upon the newest occurrence of Guild Chat, the Game Designer, Andrew Gray connected the host Rubi Bayer. The narrative designer Ross Beeley, Gameplay Programmer Ben Newell along with VFX Artist Franco Galletta is to talk about the design and implementation of the saga in the Living World release Out of the Shadows.

The saga starts as the players are called to Hoelbrak to take part at a memorial for their friend Eir Stegalkin. That lost her life in the fighting against Mordremoth. The case not only required to be a respectful dispatch for a beloved character. However, the set is also arranged for the comeback of Living World. The writers liked to hit a good harmonization from the mourning to the fallen. It is a concern over the destiny of Logal and Zojja. Moreover, the tone of a Norn memorial concentrates upon rejoicing the life and legend of the dead. In Rata Novus, Taimi makes the Pact Commander into her clandestine lab. The instance is required selecting the saga threads from Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. It is to remind the players of the state of the world and develops the saga. To keep yourself updated with guild wars 2 gold, the gamers can often visit buyingwowgoldsafe

to be legendary

It is to start the journey to gain his own legendary backpiece of gamer. Take part in the league play and it is to disclose the ability to make the Ascension. It is to make his PvP legendary. The gamer can observe the Pro League World Championship live upon the formal Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. The major teams from Europe and North America are to challenge in the final battle on the17th September.


Is Riders of Icarus Like A Pokemon MMO?


Is Riders of Icarus Like A Pokemon MMO?

At first glance, Riders of Icarus [official site] reminds me of a time when painting fantasy art on the side of vans was a thing. It also looks like another action MMO teeming with fantastical landscapes and even more fantastical creatures that wander around them in small clumps waiting to be converted into experience points. And, to be honest, it’s probably still got a lot of that. But one thing has caught my eye: Riders of Icarus lets you tame those beasties instead and turn them into your faithful pets or ride them into battle. If you don’t want to wait until July 6th when Riders of Icarus enters open beta, you can satiate your need to enslave monsters with the newly released trailer.

Riders of Icarus

Developed by WeMade Entertainment and published by Nexon, Riders of Icarus lets you do all the MMO-y things you would normally do but with the extra layer of taming mythical beasts to aid in your adventures. While you might start out reasonable humble, maybe just a bear or a horse, eventually you’ll be riding dragons or wolves made of diamonds. Hell, looking at a few of the videos you can even ride a gorilla. Making monsters your minions, however, isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to fight the thing first, weakening it before jumping on and engaging in a quicktime minigame in order to successfully tame it. If you want, I found a video which shows the process below. Don’t worry, though it’s in Korean it’s pretty easy to follow along.

Monsters can be more than your mounts too. You can turn them into pets who fight alongside you in combat or, if you’re a cruel bastard, absorb their souls to enhance your weapons and equipment. It all sounds pretty cool to me, so hopefully the whole thing is actually fun to play.

Sadly, despite being free-to-play, I haven’t heard the best news about the state of the cash shop. Looking at the founders access items, the highest tier doles out some pretty massive buffs including an item that grants a sizeable increase in health and defense, making you much tougher. No idea how that’ll unbalance the game, but giving away stat boosts as a reward probably isn’t the best sign. That’s my opinion of it at least.

However you feel, Riders of Icarus will be in open beta on July 6th. You can register on its website and it’ll be on Steam too.

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